I don’t ever think I’ve met a momma that said “I wish I was in less photos with my kids”.

Your kids aren’t going to look back remember the things we don’t love about ourselves.

They're not going to remember our weight, the pimple on our cheek,

our half done make up or the frizz in our hair.

Bu they are going to remember the warmth of our embrace,

the way our eyes light up when they learn something new, the soft words we

offer when they are falling apart, the smell of our perfume that instantly

takes them back to warm summer days filled with laughter and joy.

They’re going to remember the little things that make us their momma.

Photographs serve as visual markers for memories that may otherwise be long gone.

So Be in the picture. Take that selfie. Schedule that session.

Make your husband take that photo e v e n if he really doesn’t want to.

Your babies will be grateful for it one day!

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