Hello, Sweet Friend!

I'm so glad you found your way to my mentorship page-

I just wanted to start by saying I'm absolutely flattered that you're here. Even the fact that you're considering taking the big leap in investing in yourself and your education with me means the world.

Finding the right mentor can be hard, and even scary.

You know where you want to be, you just need help getting there and you're nervous that you're about to invest your hard earned money into someone you're not even positive can help you.

I know because I've been there myself-

I also know that by trusting me you're not only gaining a mentor with years of knowledge + skill in editing and running a photography business, but you also gain a friend that will do whatever they can to help you reach every single goal you have set for yourself and your own business.

The best kind of 2 for 1 deal out there, am I right?!

My Goals As Your Mentor


To Help You Overcome Challenges You May Be Facing-

Whether that be editing, marketing, social media, workflow, or anything of the sort, I am here to help you navigate and share my knowledge and every tool I use to elevate you toward your goals!

To Make You Feel Seen + Heard-

I want you to understand that the ONLY way we grow is by asking questions. There are no wrong questions here, only the ones you don't ask. I will never make you feel silly or small for not knowing something. The only reason I've made it this far is by asking [ probably the same exact ] questions you're struggling with today and I'm here to give you those answers, and encourage and support you along the way.

To Offer Every Tool Available to Me To Help You Succeed-

My heart and soul is in this business, and this craft we are so blessed to call a career, and I have spent years researching, investing and educating myself, along with a LOT of trial and error to understand and create the tools necessary to be success in my business and editing and now I want to offer them to you, so that you can do the same!

To Leave You Feeling Able + Excited To Tackle Your Business + Editing-

By sharing my heart, knowledge, encouragement and skill set with you I can only dream that when we are finished you walk away feeling like a brand new photographer. Ready to grow, and succeed and share your own gifts with the world!

Cost: 175

1:1 Growing With Grace Zoom Call

Designed to meet you exactly where you are in your creative journey + provide clarity around the unknown, the messy + the uncertain pieces that create the building blocks of your business.

Offering the opportunity to ask questions surrounding your creative business- marketing, shooting techniques, camera settings, workflow, marketing, posing, Instagram, client communication + everything in between!
Excludes Editing Questions.

*Must not conduct business within 75 miles of Florence, AL

Cost: 575

1:1 Editing Mentorship

One hour recorded zoom call where I will edit some of your personal raw image with you as well as my own. We will dive into the panels, my personal editing technique, color-grading, brushwork, Portraiture settings and everything you need to know to get bold+dreamy edits, as I answer any question you may have during our time together!

INCLUDED: Recorded zoom call to keep, Custom Presets, Master Brush Pack+Posing Guide.

Payment Plans Available
*Must not conduct business within 75 miles of Florence, AL

Cost: 1200

1:1 In Person Mentorship

We will meet up, and spend 3 hours hanging out and diving deep into the in's and out's of your business-

An hour spent discussing business, marketing, workflow, camera setting basics, client experience and anything else you may have questions on in between!
Second hour used to go over Editing in Lightroom, exploring each Panel in depth, Color Grading Techniques, Masking Techniques, + Portraiture Settings.
Finally, we will finish with with a styled shoot of your choice!

In Person Mentorship Additional Information

You will recieve my custom preset pack, brushes, and a video of me editing at least 3 images from our session together!

$400 Non-Refundable Retainer is Due at Booking To Secure Spot.

Remainder due 1 Week Prior To Mentorship.

Payment Plans are Available.

*Must not conduct business within 75 miles of Florence, Alabama to be eligible.

Have Additional Questions?

Contact me directly here!