Designed to save you time, money and most importantly stress.

Not to mention Styling can truly elevate the overall look of your gallery tremendously, taking your photos from good to WOW.

While I always provide my clients with basic tips and dos/don'ts on what to wear, I also provide FULL styling assistance, helping you find every family member's clothing, looking at each individual and the whole family's look all put together.

I offer a client closet that is ever-growing and currently consists of dozens of women's dresses of varying styles, colors, and sizes.

So when you book a session with me, you can expect not only multiple resources to find items on your own, but you'll also receive recommendations from me and full access to my client closet. All of this included in your session price! I offer this service so I can provide you with an experience that's as simple and painless as possible.

Let’s make some magic together 😍✨

How Does it Work?

Once you book your session I will touch base with you about your wardrobe and send you all the options included in the client closet. You are free to outfit as many members of your family with pieces from my collection, mix and match with pieces from your own closet, or use nothing at all. It's totally up to you and it will never change the cost of your session. I will bring your outfit choices; as well as additional items [in the chance that you don't like the fit] with me to your session and we will get you changed and ready to go!

Most clients change back into the clothes they brought at the end of their session so they can return wardrobe pieces immediately following their session so I can take them to dry cleaning. No images will be delivered until any borrowed client closet pieces are returned.  

Where Should I Shop For Outfits?

I understand that the client closet is not for everyone, so here are some great online retailers you can explore to find wardrobe options for your family!

Women's Small

Women's Medium

Women's Large

Women's XLarge-XXLarge

Boy's Various Sizes